American citizens

To be obtained in USA:


1. Valid American PASSPORT.


2. Original BIRTH CERTIFICATE showing both parents’ names or NATURALIZATION CERTIFICATE if you are a naturalized US Citizen.


3. FINAL DIVORCE DECREE (if applicable) or DEATH CERTIFICATE (if applicable) of the previous spouse.


4. Both the Birth or Naturalization Certificate and the Final Divorce Decree or Death Certificate must be apostilled by the Secretary of State in the state where your documents were originally issued. You will get an Apostille stamp which authenticates your documents for use in Italy in accordance with the Hague Convention. The Apostille is valid only for 6 months.


5. TRANSLATION: both the Birth/Naturalization Certificate and the Final Divorce Decree or Death Certificate have to be translated into Italian before going to the Italian Consulate to get the Atto Notorio (see following information about the Atto Notorio).


6. ATTO NOTORIO: this is an affidavit done at the Italian Consulate (call the nearest Italian Consulate to the place where you live and set up an appointment) stating that there are no impediments for your marriage to take place.

To get the ATTO NOTORIO you have to bring all the above mentioned original documents apostilled and translated into Italian. You have to go to the Italian Consulate with two or more witnesses (no relatives). Please verify directly with the Consulate how many witnesses are required because this varies from Consulate to Consulate.

Please make sure that the Consulate puts a stamp in the translation of your documents if the Consulate did not do the translation.

To be valid your Atto Notorio must have at the top of the page the details “Repubblica Italiana” and “ Consolato Generale d’Italia” specifically written.


7. Send us by fax or e-mail copies of your documents so that we can verify that everything is ok. Keep the originals and hand carry them when you travel to Italy, DO NOT check them at the airport.


To be obtained in ITALY:


1. You need to get the final NULLA OSTA from the American Consulate in Italy stating that you are free to marry. NO witnesses are necessary, bring all the original documents and your passports with you. You will be assisted by one of our coordinators and it has to be done approximately 3 weekdays prior your wedding.

The cost is around Euro 30 per person to be paid cash directly by you.


2. The NULLA OSTA must then be authenticated by the Prefecture (this will be done by our local assistant).


3. Sometimes a declaration is requested by the Wedding Hall 1 or 2 days prior the wedding.



It’s really important that your full name is written in the same way in the following documents:


Under Italian law a female who has been divorced and wishes to re-marry in Italy cannot re-marry until 300 days have passed from the date of her divorce.

All your documents have to be translated into Italian and the translation must be authenticated by the Italian Consulate in the U.S. when you go for your Atto Notorio.