Canadian citizens



1. Italian law requires NON-ITALIANS wishing to be married in Italy to present a "Nulla Osta" (Certificate of No Impediment) or equivalent documentation.

2. The Canadian Government does not issue "Nulla Osta". However, to assist Canadians to meet the Italian requirements, the Canadian Embassy in Rome and the Consulate General in Milan both prepare a Declaration containing the relevant information.

3. To obtain the Declaration-Nulla Osta from the Embassy or Consulate General in Italy, a Canadian citizen must first complete and swear an AFFIDAVIT to the effect that there is no impediment to the proposed marriage.

Documents required for the affidavit:

- Valid Canadian passport;

- Proof of Canadian citizenship (birth certificate or certificate of Canadian citizenship);

- Document issued by the competent Vital Statistics authorities in Canada confirming that no registration of marriage appears in their records (if obtainable);

- Complete details of the future spouse (full name, date and place of birth, residence, father's name and mother's maiden name);

- Final divorce decree or death certificate of previous spouse (if divorced or widowed);

- Parents' consent (if the person is under marriageable age).

4a. Affidavit done in Italy: if the affidavit is to be made in Italy you have to go to the Canadian Embassy in Rome or to the Consulate General in Milan with the above documents and with the appropriate form “A” (we can send you a copy). One of our coordinators will assist you in this procedure.

4b. Affidavit done before arriving in Italy: the affidavit can also be sworn in front of a notary public in Canada or a consular official at Canadian Embassies or Consulates in other countries. In this case, please use the Affidavit Form “B” (the Consulate/Embassy will give you the copy) and follow the instructions contained therein.

Please note that a divorced woman who wants to marry again within 300 days of the date of her divorce must contact the local Italian authorities and seek special permission from an Italian magistrate. Otherwise, she must allow the required period of 300 days to elapse.

5. Send via e-mail or fax, copies of your documents to us. We check with the Embassy or Consulate if everything is OK and in the affirmative case you can send the originals to the Embassy or Consulate and they will issue the Declaration-Nulla Osta.

If the AFFIDAVIT is done before arriving in Italy you don’t need to go personally to the Canadian Consulate here in Italy, we can pick up the final Declaration-Nulla Osta for you.

Cost for the Declaration-Nulla Osta is around Euro 35 per person, to be paid directly to the Consulate.

6. The Declaration-Nulla Osta issued by the Embassy or Consulate General must then be presented to the competent "Prefettura - Ufficio Legalizzazioni" (provincial authority) to be formally authenticated. We can do that for you. Cost is Euro 14,62 per person.

7. Once the Declaration-Nulla Osta has been obtained and legalized, it is presented to the Marriage Office of the Municipality in Italy. Banns are waived if neither party is Italian nor residing in Italy.

8. The Wedding Hall may require a Declaration of Intent to Marry before your marriage, in this case you need to plan your arrival a few days before the ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE that it is extremely important that your full name is written in the same way in all the documents.