Irish citizens




To get married in Italy you need to get the Certificat de Coutume (certificate stating that you are free to marry)for marriage abroad.

To get it you need to bring all the following documents to the DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS in Dublin (please click on the link to see contact details and contact them directly to get confirmation about the documents to be provided).

They will check them and, if everything is ok, they will send an e-mail to the Irish Embassy in Rome that will issue the Nulla Osta.

Documents required by the department of foreign affairs:

• MP2A form
• Birth certificate length form (showing parents’ names)
• Copy of the passport

We will get in touch with the Irish Embassy in Rome to check that everything is OK and, as soon as the Nulla Osta is issued, it will be sent directly to the Wedding Hall or one of our coordinators will pick it up.

At the Department of Foreign affairs you have to pay the cost of the Nulla Osta which varies from year to year, and might be around Euro 30 per person.

Once in Italy, the Wedding Hall may require a declaration of intent to marry before your marriage, in this case you need to plan your arrival a few days before the ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE that Italian law states that at least 300 days must pass before a woman can remarry if she was previously divorced.