Catholic Requirements




In Italy a catholic ceremony can only be performed in a church and it can be celebrated if at least one of the two is catholic. If one of the parties is of a different religion, a catholic wedding is still possible as long as you attend the required pre-marital classes and have the paperwork approved by the religious authorities in Italy.

In the case of one of the parties being divorced from a catholic wedding, the catholic church will not allow you to remarry in the church unless you have an annulment recognized by the catholic authorities.

The following documents are required for a catholic wedding in Italy:

1. Formal letter from your parish Priest granting permission for your wedding in Italy (please specify the name of the church, city and the date). This is a document certifying that your Priest allows you to get married in Italy and has to be written on the letterhead paper of your Parish.

2. Letter from the Bishop of your parish church granting permission for your wedding in Italy (please specify the name of the church, city and the date). The letter must be written on the letterhead paper of your Bishop's office. The Bishop's permission to the wedding is one of the most important requirements for the Italian Curia.

3. The letter from the Priest must also state that you have fulfilled all PRE CANA procedures (Premarital course), and should include the certificate (if a certificate was issued) showing that you attended the premarital classes. The letter must have seal or stamp by the Bishop's Parish Office of your country.

4. Original Prenuptial Inquiry form issued by your Parish on formal church letterhead of your Parish. The form must have seal or stamp by the Bishop's Parish Office of your Country. A Prenuptial Inquiry is issued by the archdiocese of your city/town. It is the prenuptial investigation that includes your names, place and date of birth, address and general religious data which your priest completes together with you. Your priest completes the questionnaire stating it has been approved, so you can get married, signing the document as final approval. Then this document has to be sealed by your local Bishop, so the Italian Curia has the proof that it has been definitely approved by a higher member of the catholic church in your country.

5. Certificate of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation stamped by your Bishop's office. All these sacraments have to be received in order to have the catholic ceremony performed. Ask your Parish who performed these sacraments to provide these certificates. If you have problems obtaining the originals, ask for copies that have to be sealed by your local bishop. The seals of the Bishop are required on these documents by the Italian Curia.

6. If one of you is not catholic he/she has to obtain a "permission of mixed religions" issued by the local Bishop of your country. Ask this information to your Parish, so they can help you to obtain this special permission.

7. Original of the civil wedding certificate (if the civil part of the marriage is performed in your country).




* All the above documents must be sent to us by email or fax to verify that they are complete and to check with the Italian Curia that everything is OK.

* If everything is OK, you will send the originals to the Italian Curia that will issue a RELIGIOUS NULLA OSTA (official permission for the wedding).

* The Italian Curia has the final authority on granting official permission for the wedding after checking the religious paperwork.

* We DO NOT have any authority over religious regulations.

* Documents should not be done more than 3 months prior the wedding date or they will expire (with the exception of the Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation that are issued when you received these sacraments). We require a month as the absolute minimum to give the priest and archbishop in Italy time to review the paperwork.

* All the documents mentioned (excluding # 7) MUST have been sealed or stamped by the Bishop's parish office.

* All documents have to be translated into Italian.