Venice - civil wedding Poonam & Rajbir


Gemma provided us with a fantastic service from the very beginning.From helping us to choose our wedding venue as well as helping us tounderstand how our wedding would be organised considering that we live in the U.K. She aided us with what we could achieve with our wedding budget but was not resilient to show us different styles of venues aswell as ceremony ideas.We met Gemma a year and a half in advance of ourwedding date, and communicated with her via email since the day leading up to our wedding. Her response times were always so prompt and shealways answered all of our questions with diligence and most importantly understanding.

All of our needs for the organisation were met as shetook control of our initial ideas as well as needs. As an Indian couple wanting to get married in Venice, there were particular needs that we needed to ensure that our wedding day went in line with our family traditions. She made sure that all of our planning for the day was sorted in advance and ensured that all of our reception, ceremony and decoration needs were met. We always knew that Gemma was only an email away and that gave us great reassurance to know that our wedding was being taken care of exactly how we had wanted. Her liaison with the Events Manager at the hotel where we had led the wedding reception was exceptional. She had ensured that all of our flowers and wedding favours were delivered and set on time. We had arranged to meet her a day prior to the wedding day to finalise arrangements and we were blown away by how thorough she was. We did not at all feel like we were restricted in any way as she always asked us what our opinion on certain aspects of the day were and had always asked what we wanted. Throughout the actual wedding day she coordinated all of our travel to and fro the wedding as well as to our wedding reception. She ensured that all of our guests were seated on time and that everyone knew where they were meant to be. We highly recommend Gemma/ Italy2wed to any couple looking to get married in Italy! Our wedding was phenomenal and so much better than we ever imagined thanks to all of their hard work.


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