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I had the pleasure of being represented by the most wonderful wedding planners there is. When I retain the services of Italy2wed I was graced with the representative by the name of Gemma. Gemma was a very professional person she was able to work with me internationally to coordinate all the services for my 10th wedding anniversary and vowel renewal. Arrival from the United States to Italy I'm counting the number of disastrous events. Briefly my luggage was misplaced in another country and didn't arrive until two days after my ceremony. this obstacle was no match for my wedding planner, in a matter of 2 hours she made some phone calls and was able to push back my original ceremony time of 3:30pm. She also rescheduled the photographer, officiant, venue and transportation  till 5 p.m. Then she coordinated a makeup appointment at MAC.  Understanding I now needed to replace my entire wedding attire, undergarments, shoes, makeup amd more, Gemma then took me to purchase these items according to my budget.

We shopped in a boutique and found a beautiful beaded dress that was perfect for this occasion. Then we went to another store and purchase shoes, we also visited La Perla for undergarments and carried all this over to my makeup appointment. Afterwards we rush back to the hotel where I had 45 minutes to shower, dress, do my hair and prepare for the water taxi that was soon to arrive. Surprisingly we made it, and off we went to a gorgeous palace to celebrate our 10th anniversary wedding vow renewal. From there on out the day went as planned. I owe it all to Gemma. Without her I could have never coordinated and then replace the plans originally set. Gemma also the later sent the pictures to me first class mail from the photographer. Everything she stated to me and our contract was done without any adverse effects. Gemma is an international professional and I thank the team at Italy2wed for her business.

Kelly & William


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