Treviso and Venice - Civil Wedding Amy & Herbert


Gemma helped us put together the perfect wedding! We always knew we wanted to get married in Europe, not just a symbolic ceremony but a true wedding. After extensive research, it became apparent that Venice, Italy was both beautiful and feasible from a paperwork standpoint. More searching led us to Gemma and Italy2Wed; the testimonials from other couples on her website were what sealed the deal.

To put it as clearly as possible, Gemma did an awesome job! Period. She was very helpful in walking us through all the steps in the paperwork process (as US citizens, it took several trips to our state gov’t, plus a trip to the Italian consulate). Gemma helped us find a translator, a photographer, a hairdresser, flowers, and a gondola, as well as arranging all transportation and wedding details. She was very professional, and forthcoming about all costs. This allowed us to make our planning decisions without any pressure. Everything went just as planned. The amount of time she invested in helping us plan makes her services a true bargain!

Grazie! Two very satisfied customers, Herb and Amy


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