Dolomites Cortina - Symbolic Wedding Jennifer & Jeffrey

Cortina Dolomites Wedding

I wanted to share with you, and everyone else who may be thinking of getting married in it!!!  Jeff and I are avid cyclists.  We enjoy climbing the paved mountain passes, the steeper the better!  On July 19, 2017, while in Cortina on one of our cycling trips, much to my surprise, Jeff proposed to me on top of Tre Cime.  Once we decided it would be just the two of us, when we started to discuss where we wanted to get married, a natural choice for us was Cortina, as we both have an extreme fondness for the Pearl of the Dolomites.  We also wanted to figure out how we could get married on top of a mountain after just climbing it with our bicycles.  Working together with Gemma, our dreams came true! Planning a wedding can be daunting and stressful at home, let alone in another country, and I am here to tell you that it was flawless!   I started my search in February, from Connecticut, USA.  I found Italy2Wed online and made contact via email.  The same day I received a response from Gemma, and that is how it all started.  Gemma answered all of my questions and emails in an extremely timely manner.  She thought of details I did not think of, and I am typically detail oriented.  She made all of the right recommendations.  Gemma also surrounds herself with an amazing team of people like the photographer, videographer, and officiant!  I cannot say enough about her team, they were beyond our expectations.  If you are getting married in Italy, you must spare no expense when it comes to the video, don’t doubt it, do it!!!  You will not be disappointed.  Of course you are in the beautiful country of Italy, so some of Gemma’s and her teams job is made a little easier for them, in that regard.  (That is why you must capture it in multiple ways, photographs and video). The day of the ceremony finally came in July, everyone was so helpful.  I am a “take charge" type of person.  I found myself to be in a euphoric state that day, so I really needed help being guided through the day.  Gemma and her team did just that.  It really was a magical day, one we will never forget.  Thank you will never seem like enough, for the gratitude we feel for Gemma and her team at Itay2wed!


Jennifer & Jeff Joffray


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